• Senior Pastor

    Marc Hershberger


    Pastor Marc considers himself first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of four children: Mia, Owen, Simon, and Azai. Marc was born and raised in Arizona; after serving in ministry both in Ohio and Iowa, Marc became lead pastor of Grace in October of 2004. His interests include bluegrass music, M&Ms, and spicy foods. He is an avid connoisseur of hot sauces.

  • Associate Pastor

    Jay Gordon  


    Pastor Jay has the extraordinary privilege of serving the congregation he grew up in. He sensed a call to ministry in his mid-40s after a 25-year career in publishing. Jay also works part-time at Dock Mennonite Academy, where he helps oversee communications. He also serves as League Director of Grace's Upward Flag Football league. Jay and his wife, Kathy, have three children: Andrew (wife Cara), Emily, and Jake. He loves to cook and has always dreamed of having a restaurant...at the beach.

  • Pastor of Worship

    Phyllis Ward

    Phyllis holds a bachelors degree in music education and a Masters of Ministry Leadership degree. She loves leading the adult choir and planning the worship services. Born in New Jersey but living in Pennsylvania most of her life, Phyllis enjoys playing guitar and flute, mowing the lawn, cooking, singing, and woodworking. She also loves to visit baseball stadiums. Phyllis is also a Hospice Chaplain for Doylestown Hospital.

  • Coordinator of Congregational Services

    Karen Del'Marmol

    Phone: 215.855.7718

    Karen has over 35 years of experience providing administrative and technical support services to a wide variety of industries and non-profit organizations. For the last 10 years she has ministered here at Grace as the Congregational Services Coordinator. Karen most enjoys spending time with her grandson, Jayden, who lives with her and their two cats. She would love to someday live near the beach where Pastor Jay opens his restaurant. Then she wouldn’t have to cook.