Refresh 2024

The start of a new year is a time when many of us are looking for a sense of refreshment and renewal in our lives.

We make New Year's "resolutions." We set personal goals for ourselves. And there can be great value in these.

But real renewal—that is the work of God in our lives. True refreshment for our souls comes when we seek the face of God and resolve to live more like his son, Jesus Christ.

That is why we invite God to move in us and in our communities during our annual Refresh eventand we invite  you to be part of this movement.

Refresh 2024

SaturdayFebruary 3, 2024

Franconia Mennonite Church

613 Harleysville Pike, Telford, PA 18969

Scroll down for details about the Refresh 2024 speaker lineup.


In our main session, Scott Smith will help us look at the story of John and Peter engaging the beggar at the gate from Acts 3. We’ll focus on the mission of God and how the opportunity to impact others is in the places we sometimes don’t expect. We’ll also lean into God’s heart for those of us who are hurting.


Genesis 6: 1-8 is one of the strangest texts in the entire Bible. Who were the sons of God? Who were the Nephilim? Why were the offspring of the Nephilim called "the mighty men of old"? This breakout session, led by Pastor Gibson Largent, seeks to shed light on this passage and give some practical application for today.


In every age, God’s people have wrestled with how to remain faithful amid the ungodliness both within and without. We face (and must resist) the ungodly impulses of our own fleshly nature as well as the ungodliness of the worldly cultures and kingdoms which surround and seek to influence us. In an era characterized by inescapable individualism and consumption—"if you want it, you should have it”—those of us who fail to remain vigilant and actively resist these siren songs will sooner or later find ourselves caught in the current of cultures, movements, values, and priorities which are contrary and incompatible with the Kingdom of God. Join Pastor Rob Presthus as we learn from Daniel’s example of godly resistance amid a pagan culture, affirming both Jesus’ call to be salt and light and the New Testament’s two-kingdom concept. 


The written Word of God is our primary way of knowing who Jesus is. He himself said that He came to fulfill the scriptures. Behind all the stories, poems, proverbs, letters, and prophecies is the person of Jesus Christ. Not only is He the greater Moses, He is the living Tabernacle. Not only is He the great High Priest, He is the spotless Lamb. Not only is He the promised seed of Abraham, He is the son of David. Join Dimas Pezzato and  learn how God used the very languages the Bible was written in to reveal Jesus not only in WHAT the scriptures say, but HOW they say it. We will be looking at the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac as an illustration of how the Hebrew language points to Jesus in surprising and unexpected ways. 

about our speakers

Scott Smith lives in Philadelphia with his wife Darlene. In college his life was radically changed by Jesus. After college he served in full-time urban ministry in Philly for 9 years. In the fall of 2019 he and Darlene launched "Ripe Creatives," a non-profit that leverages the arts to share the gospel and lead people to Jesus. Their team has grown to include 30 artists/creatives. Scott is a child of God, speaker, discipler, event curator & spoken word artist.

Dimas Pezzato and his wife Jessica have two little boys. Born just outside Los Angeles, CA, and partially raised in Brazil, Dimas has maintained a connection to both cultures and has served the church in both countries. His undergraduate degree is from nearby Cairn University, but Dimas also has a Masters in Biblical Languages from  Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston. He has been involved in youth ministry over the last 15 years and is currently associate pastor at Covenant Community Fellowship in Lansdale, with a focus on Youth Ministry.

Gibson Largent planted Ridgeline Community Church in Telford out of Riverside Community Church in Horsham, where he served as an associate pastor from 2007-2011. Originally from Norman, OK, he and his family moved to the Philadelphia area after attending the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Gibson and his wife Julie have four kids and live in Souderton. 

Rob Presthus is Pastor of Administration and Care at Franconia Mennonite Church. Rob met his wife, Emilie, during their undergraduate years at Pepperdine University, where they both served as campus ministry interns for worship. They both love singing, cooking, and a good DIY project around the house. Prior to entering full-time pastoral ministry, Rob was a professor of American politics at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. Prior to relocating to southeastern PA, Rob and Emilie lived and worked in Marseille, France, where Emilie grew up as a missionary kid.

Ready for a fresh start?

Refresh 2024 takes place during a time of the year when many people seek a sense of refreshment and renewal in their lives. 

We believe that real renewal and true refreshment for our souls comes when we seek the face of God. That is why we invite you to join us for Refresh 2024. 

Let today be the first day of the rest of your life!


~ ACTS 3:19